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    oh and ryan, as much as you can hate on christianity (often times justifiable so) for all the dumbassery carried out in it’s name, There is a little thing called eugenics/social darwinism that played a fairly prominent role in the holocaust and was at least partly responsible for about 100 years of forced sterilizations across the globe

    point being, don’t write off all theism as hocus pocus for the weak minded because some horses asses’ take the bible literally and think that the world is 6000 years old.

    just like i wouldn’t write off all science as an evil tool for godless heathans because Hitler perverted it to justify the murder of about 7 million people and because governments spent about 100 years trying to weed out those deemed genetically undesirable



    ^ Whats social Darwinism or eugenics have to do with atheists or evolution. Why would anyone care what Darwin’s religious views were?



    Darwin is related to Darkwing Duck?



    Hitler was Catholic and always believed that God was on Germany’s side. Stalin was a businessman, nothing more, nothing less.

    I will go ahead and write off all theism as unprovable, harmful bullshit.



    …I will go ahead and do the same for damn-near everything that you say subo.
    (damn that was too easy :)



    MadMan, go to a psychiatrist and tell him/her about your invisible buddy. Rename him Julio and see what medicines you are prescribed.

    BTW: atheists are not annoying. You can’t be annoying for simply not believing in retarded beliefs. I don’t believe in Bigfoot or aliens handing out anal probes, does that make me annoying?


    to claim atheists had anything to do with the holocaust is just plain stupid and you sir need to be shot in the face. Jews would never have been the target if it were not for religion. Social Darwinism is just an easy way for losers to claim they are doing something in the name of progress or science. It has absolutely nothing to do with evolution or darwin except for its name.

    glass needs to take off his jesus hat and/or white pointy hat



    Wow! I knew i should’ve listened to my inner voice & not gotten involved in this thread. I know from past experience how “the godless” get their panties in a bunch whenever the name Jesus is mentioned, and then they feel the need to spout off some bullshit to let everyone know how “intelligent” they are and how they have no need for fairy tales in their “grown-up” world…whateva

    @GoldenArms—o.k. man, i submit…i can’t step to that logic.
    I don’t find atheists annoying, but as for you….ANNOYING AS FUCK!!
    Christians are all retarded, and megalomaniacal sociopaths are just businessmen…nothing more–nothing less. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.



    Jesus Fucking Christ.



    MadMan believes in invisible people because an old crusty man in a bathroom robe and funny hat told him to do so, and then asked him for money or a handy.



    does MadMan believe in Shiva the Destroyer or is he an atheist too?


    yeah how come Jesus is cool but Zeus is totally fake? What makes “God” more real than Thor? Thor is way cooler in my good book.


    @clint – I haven’t sat through all of The Passion of the Jew yet, but I wonder if Thor will be as boring? He’s got the Hammer, and those badass step-dancing goats. But I worry the movie will be about him being human and juggling a girlfriend and being a God of Fuck.


    he’s an alien in the new movie


    G Funk

    If Lucas wrote Star Wars 2000 years ago, there would be peeps praying to Yoda!

    And somebody should place this thread in ‘Never Ending’ section.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 181 total)

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