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    I can’t believe Koreans use a gun made by a low-end car manufacturer!! I thought slant-eyes stayed on the cutting edge?

    1) Although you don’t make much money, does most of it get banked since I assume you don’t pay for much while enlisted?
    2) How’s the food?
    3) Do they monitor soldier’s health (meaning, if you turn into a fat tub of shit like most internet commenters, will they order a Code Red on that ass)?
    4) Why’d you drop off the StrikeFartz chat Friday? I was buzzed off a bottle of vino & everybody was too scared to get racial….
    5) Do you get any opportunities to improve your rank or is that reserved for soldiers that came up through the U.S. Military Academy or some other military school?


    Poor little frick, he’s lonely without penix standing next to him, holding his hand.


    G Funk

    Penis is stuck answering the most basic of military information that has nothing to do with him!



    @iamphoenix….When you shoot a gun does it use bullets? Does it go boom boom? Do you kill people until they are dead? Did you go to boot camp? I bet that was hard. Did you have a drill sergeant? Did they yell at you? I had a teacher that yelled at me….boy did he yell loud. I always said “Hey, please stop yelling so loud sir.” Do you get to wear boots? Do you have a foot locker?….no not the store silly…at the end of your bed. lol 😛


    have you ever been water boarded? anally raped by baboons?



    ^^Good question!!

    Phoenix–>do they train you to resist interrogation or are you so low on the totem poll that they don’t give a fuck what you say?


    Is your humvee bullet proof?

    Have you ever taken it off roading just for the hell of it?

    What type of music are you guys allowed to listen to in the humvee?

    You said you wanted to re-list when your time is up, do you get to chose where you get sent?

    How many people have you killed?

    Do you have your own place to sleep or do you share a room with some one?



    i try to save money but i send money home too,
    the dfac food is good. korean food is good. i haven’t had dog yet, but i just found out about this place that serves it and if can get some people to come with me i’ll totally eat subo’s dead dog.
    monitering soldiers health….PT mon-fri for 90 minutes…so if you’re still fat it’s pretty much your own fault.
    strikforce chat…i said i had to take a shit, and i did. it lasted quite awhile. i didn’t feel like finding the fights and then i left and did something. i forget.
    everyone gets automatically promoted thru specialist and then after that go to the board and try to get sgt.

    i’m pretty sure that interrogation shit is reserved for guys in special forces and those type of jobs. i’m just with a bunch of other people that blow shit up, so they aren’t concerned with our interrogation resistant skills.

    i have not been anally raped to my knowledge. and i haven’t been water boarded, maybe because we’re trying to conserve resources.

    omo, it’s hilarious you wouldn’t know those answers. everyone knows bullets come out of guns and it makes a scary sound when fired…how wouldn’t you know this??!!!



    i hope it can stop bullets. i haven’t taken it off roading just for the hell of it, but have driven off road because i was told to do so. also, drove with NVG’s on and it was the shit.

    there’s no fm radio in the humvee so we’re not blasting any music. we gotta listen for commo.

    i’m told we have a choice where we want to go next, but they could just put you wherever. I want hawaii when i re-enlist.

    i haven’t killed anyone. this is my first duty station and i haven’t been deployed yet, so if i answered that question yes, it would be considered murdered. i’m gonna write a big fancy book when i’m deployed called “Fuck, I Killed a Bunch of Terrorists in Afghanistan and This is How” just for you butters.

    i share a room with one other dude in the barracks. and bathroom. kinda stupid but once i’m a sgt, i’ll get my own room.


    how long until you think they will kick you up to sgt? would you ever want to be an officer? my buddy is a mustang and just gt stationed at camp lejune, yeah i know thats the real mens part of the military.



    I don’t know if i ever mentioned this, but my brothers a Warrant Officer in the Army. He fly’s heli’s. I also got a buddy in the air force who’s stationed in Korea.

    My buddy says the prostitutes there make you just lay on a bed and they strap a condom on you and give you the business. Any truth to this? He said he never banged one, he just “heard.”



    Clint’s buddy is a horse….that transforms into a car!! And he’s “real”….



    i haven’t banged any prostitutes so i don’t know their routine.

    hopefully in like my 3rd or 4th year in i could get promoted to sgt. i don’t know what you mean by your buddy being a mustang, so i’ll go with fricks thoughts on that.



    Fuck you my dead dog is ash and sitting on my bookshelf

    Does anyone over there know who Dong Hyun Kim is



    I’m sure some people do, but if you want me to start asking every korean person i see if they know who he is then i’ll do it for you. what was your dogs name?

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