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As much as I love fightlinker…

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    im sorry fivebolt what were you saying?


    I never use to post much in the old forum because I didn’t like they way it functioned and looked haha.

    Now with the new site you can see the latest gossip on the conveniently on the right hand side 😀



    My Forums will be coming back. We are adding things slowly but surely. As usual, shit takes time, especially when you’re a bunch of broke-ass lameos. But yeah, that was probably the best feature of the old site, and we want to bring it back for shiz.


    Clint, you SOB!! How dare you delete my comment.


    yay my forums was the best feature since it kept track of not only the forums but the front page



    “But remember, you can just laugh at them. Like some kind of mangy dog who laughs at things.”

    Thanks for that one DJ…made me laugh.

    As for the MOD situation..Okay then….Thank you Ryan, I accept the offer.


    Oh My Gawsh! Cry Me a Fucking River!

    I Like to Capitalize Letters, This Doesn’t Even Make Any Sense.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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