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    well id jonathan snowden or kid nate make there way into the forums i will kick them back to the hell they crawled out of.



    Millertime–>MUUUUUCH BETTER,thanks!!


    Quit yo bitching!!



    I nominate myself to be a MOD. I’ve been quite jealous of Clint and Kent’s ability to throw up the fancy red Moderator Warning. But sorry….I don’t want one of those gay cartoon avi’s. Unless it’s a caroon Farva…then maybe I’d think about it.

    And lets face it, I have quite a bit of free time now. Not as much as Clint or FBM, but quite a bit compared to normal people.


    Omo as a mod is both horrifying and arousing.

    And meatheads like Thingyfolds, while cancers of our species, are a source of hilarity, so I don’t mind it.

    I think Yeah Right/High-Hyped might’ve gotten used to the tiny group that was actively posting, and now new friends are coming into the circle and it’s not the same. But remember, you can just laugh at them. Like some kind of mangy dog who laughs at things.


    The reason FL is my fav MMA site is because its the opposite of most MMA sites like Sherdog and UG. Ryan/the site don’t take himself/itself too seriously and the community is mostly devoid of trolls and fanboys (outside of subo).

    If you really care about having quality serious discussions, than you should moderate comments, but that doesn’t sound like FL. Perhaps establishing a flexible Code of Conduct banning certain types of actions will suffice.



    I vote throw out one troll……SUBO!!!!!

    okay….he can stay



    Me and Omo would be good mods. Besides i could really use a star and I’d be willing to be a cool mod for a star.


    Don’t take this personally, but Millertime absolutely should not be a mod. That’s like giving a junkie’s baby a gun. Nothing personal or anything, I just loathe you and everything I suppose you stand for.



    Loathe means love right?


    There ain’t gonna be no mods. The writers have that editing power but it’s just to get rid of obvious bullshit like forums called CLIT FUCK TWAT etc. Well I guess they’re kinda like mods. But yeah for the most part we aren’t gonna be editing / killing posts.



    if you want mods, go to bloody vagina’s website


    ^im a mod :)



    Clint is a mod like Denzel was a cop.

    I’m going to ban everyone that doesn’t attack me

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)

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