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    This new site is attracting alot of tardass.  I personally preferred it when no one even knew we had a forum section…And as good as expansion is for ryan, its lookin like FL is loosing some of what made it my favorite site.



    what’s a tardass?



    people have always known FL had a forum. you should be happy people actually take the time to post in it now that the sites been updated.

    as far as “attracting a lot of tardass”, you seem to be unaware of some important history. the most successful mma forums today (UG, Sherdog) got to where they were because of trolls. when sherwood started his site, it was pretty much dominated by trolls. without them it wouldve been a ghost town. and as for the UG /, the best and most entertaining posts were always IMPs, fake news stories, anti gracie trolling, shit like that. and since there is no question that sites like sherdog, the UG and even FS kept mma afloat for years, a certain debt is owed to the trolls who brought so many hits to those sites.

    hopefully the FL guys are able to deal with the viagra bots spamming. but the other silly posts are probably more beneficial than detrimental, at least for now.



    pheonix-you are a tardass, douchesandwich.


    Every time there’s an influx of new people the old gang gets a bit crotchety. I dunno what to tell ya, YEAH RIGHT. We’re gonna try the forums without moderation and see what happens. But I figure if the whole crew wants some troll’s account wasted, I’ll do it. My mod philosophy is be scarce, but smite those who deserve it.

    PS: I think i killed the spambots.



    ….i am not! trust me…and i’ve known about FL for years now…i like the old look of FL personally because it was like ‘hey we don’t have any money but fuck it…”

    and trolls and retarded people online are hilarious. the best threads and forums are when there’s a troll war going on and everyone can come together to hate that troll and become an internet family…


    the tardasses are just the same old trolls with new names.

    the new site is great, but I really miss the “my forums” feature so get to it dammit! *cracks whip*


    …that is not an endorsement of slavery btw



    Fuck Booting Trolls. All the OG’s are fucking trollish anyways. We constantly hijack threads………and then someone eventually gets them back on track. Stop being fucking pussies and start being fucking Jackals.

    I want the old threads back. I’m going through withdrawal.



    I vote for Millertime as Mod. I think he could turn this place around. I’m campaigning as a Democrat cause i know thats how i will win around here.



    Forums haven’t been much fun lately but I’m not ready to start banning people YET…


    how blood needs to be spilled before you become a bannin’ man frick



    Can u rephrase?



    Ill do it for him.

    blood how needs to be spilled man frick bannin’ a become you before



    ^ hahahahahajaha. mods would be neat (edit: it’d be neat if I could be a mod) but the free for all is what makes this place great. don’t have to worry about the man (or the Nate) getting butthurt about calling them a dipshit and banning you.

    personally I think there are only 2 things that should get someone banned. spamming and being a BE contributor

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)

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