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    people call rashad a bitch for waiting until shogun is healed to fight, but upon searching through a random thread i found on sherdog, I discovered that his last 6 fights (including the shogun fight) were possibly the most brutal stretch of bouts in the history of mma:


    check it out!

    Chuck Liddell UFC 88: september 2008 ranked #4

    Forrest Griffin UFC 92: December 2009 ranked #1

    Lyoto Machida UFC 98: May 2009 ranked #4

    Thiago Silva UFC 108: January 2010 ranked #8

    Rampage Jackson UFC 114: May 2010 ranked #3

    Shogun Rua when the fuck ever: ranked #1


    I dare you to find me a tougher 6 fight stretch (while using the same rankings system)


    the closest i have found was a 9 fight stretch in which randy couture fought the #3, #6, #5 and #7 heavyweight, followed by the #3, #1, #5, #5 and #4 light heavyweight



    I hate rashad, but not for waiting. Hell, i would probably wait too. Why risk losing when you have a guaranteed title shot?



    100% agreed (said the guy thinking someone was calling out jackals to fight)


    I’m not sure of their subjective rank numbers at the time, but GSP’s 4 year streak of Trigg > Sherk > Penn > Hughes > Serra (meh) > Koscheck > Hughes > Serra (meh) > Fitch > Penn > Alves I think beats it.



    Bahahahah……You go to to sherdog forums. lol



    ^ i found it on google



    @ ferretwraith – since matt serra was unranked when he won the belt (thus invalidating any list of 6 that includes their first fight) we have can only calculate gsp’s next 6 fights (Koscheck > Hughes > Serra (meh) > Fitch > Penn > Alves) #4, #3, #2, #2, #2 lightweight, #2

    at first glance the thought that comes to mind is HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!

    but i think it almost entirely depends on where you place a murderface prime BJ Penn in the WW division before his fight with GSP

    a glance at the top ten WW rankings in January 2009

    1. Georges St Pierre
    2. Thiago Alves
    3. Jon Fitch
    4. Josh Koscheck
    5. Jake Shields
    6. Carlos Condit
    7. Matt Hughes
    8. Diego Sanchez
    9. Karo Parisyan
    10. Dustin Hazelett

    keep in mind that BJ Penn is my favorite fighter, ever. But i believe that the top 5 guys on this list would pretty much mop the floor with him GSP style, if you consider that carlos condit was overrated and that matt hughes had already beaten BJ decisively 2 years prior it’s pretty safe to say that you could rank BJ Penn as the #7 welterweight in january 2009.

    which changes the list to 4, #3, #2, #2, #7, #2

    add up the total aggregate and you get 21 (exactly the same as rashad’s current streak) GOOD FIND HOMIE!



    interesting. how do u search old rankings? sherlog?




    Penn was unranked when he beat Hughes.



    agreed about Rashad fighting the murders row of opponents. for some reason i just don’t care for that guy though. i respect his skills, but just don’t enjoy watching him fight as much as most people. something about his personality rubs me the wrong way (maybe its just me being a picky MMA fan) and his fighting style can get very Maynardish at times. that Rampage/Rashad fight was hard to watch, so frustrating. i agree its up to the person being taken down to be able to counter the top control of human blankets like Rashad but its maddening to watch as a fight fan sometimes. i used to wrestle so i appreciate the skill involved, i just hate it when they don’t do anything with the position. even though rashad has some great highlight reel stuff, he’s also a perfect example of a guy who will lay on you and hump till the bell rings to get the W.

    good point about the string of opponents though.


    Well sir for the record i decline your challenge, but unfortunately as Rashads beloved team mate Keith “Glass Jaw” Jardine knows, you cant train your chin and Rashads has looked mighty suspect his last few fights.

    Granted his opponents have all been decently hard hitters, Thiago Silva Clipped him and he was on queer street for a good while, Previously to that he got ktfo’ed by machida as we all know, and Rampage clipped him and he wobbled like a bobble head a few times.

    Now Shogun hits like a Fk’ing truck we all know, machida for damn sure knows. I really think Rashads luck will run out with Shogun.

    The only thing that keeps me from being 100% on the fight is the frequency of the belt changing hands and shogun will be coming off a decent lay off which we all know what happens to shogun when he gets sidelined…

    Edit for clarification, what happens to shogun is his cardio goes out the window which would make it VERY easy for Rashad to work his LnP style. (



    ^ props for the “your facts are stuipid, my opinion disagrees” argument

    durrrr I wasn’t arguing that rashad is going to beat shogun I was showing AS PLAIN AND SIMPLE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE (and yet you somehow still managed to misinterpret it) that even though many think he is a bitch/punk bitch/punk ass bitch, rashad is still a bmf because his last 6 fights were absolutely murderous.

    but instead you decided to throw logic and reason and INDISPUTABLE FACTS out the window and replace my argument with “I hate rashad evans therefore he must be a bitch”. thus proving yourself incapable of rational thought. you should voluntarily remove your seed from the gene pool




    And for the record, Shogun’s newish “patient” style will be more than enough to beat Rashard. And I do like Rashard.


    I would have picked Shogun to mop the floor with Rashad, but after Shogun blew out his knee, again, I’m not so sure anymore. I think it will all depend on how well his knee holds up. We all know that Rashad has found his wrassling again, so will Shogun’s knee be able to defend the take down?

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