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A statement for Nick Diaz enablers

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    The are more than a few people who are shitting all over Dana Whites decision to remove Diaz from the main event. Some even hate that he wasn’t fired, and moved to the BJ fight. I don’t agree with all the “it’s Nick “FUCK YOUR MOTHER” Diaz, deal with it”.

    I don’t agree with the people who think he should get a free pass out of press tours, and then support him wanting to get paid the big MMA money. It’s sad when the best promotion you can get out of Diaz is removing him from the main event.

    What I haven’t heard any of the enablers mention is JAY HIERON. Nick Diaz was booked for a title fight, but he flushed the match down the toilet by not being clean enough to do a random drug test with the CSAC.

    Sure there are some questionable circumstances, and Ceaser did his best trying to make it seem right with such excuses as:


    “It’s too bad for Jay Hieron, but what can you do? If you take the test, what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen is he’s gonna not get licensed in California for over a year and not fight this fight. If you don’t take this test, you don’t fight this fight, and you fight next month, because you have time to flush it out of your system.”

    So in order to keep his CSAC License, he blew off the random drug test. He caused Jay Hieron to go from the Co-main event title fight, to the prelims vs Jesse Taylor. Nick made these wonderful choices.

    I don’t blame Dana for not letting him get away with his long running bull shit (hospital fight anyone??).

    I have grown in respect for Ceaser not supporting his behavior this time, but still being willing to stand by Diaz.

    I don’t blame Dana for pulling him out of the GSP fight. Diaz is showing his maturity. The last thing the UFC wants is NSAC doing a random on Diaz, and having another Diaz/Hieron fallout.

    I can’t wait to see Diaz/Penn.



    I agree with you 100% which is odd



    All I can say is legalize pot MANG! And who gives a fuck about Jay Hieron.

    Newsflash – fighters do a lot worse than this and are still lauded and loved by their fans. weak ass.



    Thanks Glassjawsh. I’m a little scared to get your approval :).

    Kvelertak, ALL drugs should be decriminalized.


    Good write-up Pewnt.  I’m probably the second biggest Diaz fan on this site, was throbbingly looking forward to this, but am not the least bit surprised or upset at the consequences of his short-sighted, pot-addled decisions.

    Newsflash – fighters do a lot worse than this and are still lauded and loved by their fans. weak ass.

    What title contenders in the UFC are you talking about?  It sounds like you’re just being a little fitch because Diaz ain’t getting the shot he didn’t want.



    Hello Pewnt.



    Poor Jay Herion was signed and promised a title shot he would never get so he did get a raw deal.

    It’s just unfortunate the fans seem like the ones being punished for all this BS. Sure the match ups are still damn good but kinda feel cheated on what could have been. I wanted to see Diaz get all 209 in GSP’s dancing face. Maybe we still will eventually.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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