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A message from Ryan.

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    You know when you haven’t had real eggs for about a year and all you get are these fake eggs from a milk cartoon that says whipped eggs or something and then you’re walking around the city at 2pm recovering from a hangover after having a shit ton of K bombs and 151 shots and you see a sign that says CHONGS BREAKFAST smashed inbetween 2 hooker bars so you walk inside and the place is packed but just as you think there are no seats for you a table gets cleared out and as you walk to your seat you can see people eating giant fucking omelets…the back kitchen is visible and you spot REAL FUCKING EGGS in their shell and all sitting there, waiting to be scrambled up and served on a warm hot plate with a side of medium rare steak…yeah. fucking hardcore. Coffee. And fucking coffee bro. Lots of that shit. So if you ever find yourself in Korea in a place called TDC and you want some good ass american breakfast don’t forget I told you about Chongs on a site where the owner has gone missing and oh btw i got this postcard from ryan…





    lol Phoenix, love it mate!!

    damn, thats roughtrade with egg embargo man.



    I have been to FL sentral. he has access to a nmac. fuck it im too drunk, nice pic but im genuinely wporried. goign to try to cvall again tomorrow.



    dude, he was there for the chat sunday(sunday for me!!!) and he’s a grown ass man he prolly’s got baby momma drama.



    how long have you been in S Korea phoenix?

    is there MMA there?



    he aint been in s korea a day in his fucking life, let alone been stationed there with the army. the kid dont have a hair on his ass and couldnt even make it through one year of boy scouts.


    If Phoenix gets an mma parody comic published I will be the first to buy at least 3 copies


    1 for reading another for lending and a special one for jerking it.



    Oh man, hang over central here.



    I never knew Ryan’s last name was Fightlinker.


    G Funk

    Fucking Awesome Penix!




    B) Thingvolds is not as funny as HE thinks he is

    C) Garrett…….will you be my best friend?



    Back off bitch, he’s mine!



    thanks guys, i already now i’m the best ever.

    chim, been here 7 months. got 4 more to go.

    i thought we were already best friends frick. butters, you’re in the top 5.

    black man gets 5 points for making me laugh for the first time ever. send me your email address i’ll mail you season one of sanford and son.



    a) It is still a good read the 4th time.

    b) Korea might be cool.

    c) I have been convinced fr a while now Thingvolds is an adolecent who is also a compulsive liar who tries to miic people in order to be liked (but fails miserably). He is becoming the second person I really dislike on this site, the first being that hadouken character (he might have changed name, I havent noticed).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)

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