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40k tickets sold to scalpers. the opposite of the trickle-down effect.

Home Forums MMA Related 40k tickets sold to scalpers. the opposite of the trickle-down effect.

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    What shit. as if the rates for tickets aren’t high already. 40k of them are about to be inflated 2-3 times that amount. who the fuck is going to pay a $500 to sit on the 5th deck staring at ants roll around, down below. i could string a popsicle-stick octagon together and drop bugs in there and be equally entertained (while saving myself a quarter of my student loan in the process).

    don’t hate the UFC for stimulating the economy and making millionaires out of joe and bob. joe and bob would probably make more from this event than dana and lorenzo, at least at the gate.

    anyway, who in the department of research at UFC headquarters, did the calculus on ticket rates, PPV rates and how to release tickets. accessibility to a UFC event is more costly and harder to acquire than seeing a leafs game — which is no easy feat. and then they have the gull to complain how so many people catch the events on the internet.

    remind me again who is the key demographic here. low-to-middle income men age 18-34 or corporate suits who take their clients out to the show and then write off the expenses (who knows if anyone actually does that, actually).

    anyway, i just wonder why the UFC tries to come off as a high-up-there, bourgeoisie fad.



    Oh come on now… surely not ALL of those went to scalpers.  More like half.



    Yeah.  On other sites there are Fan Club members bitching about not being able to get into the presale.  They capped it.


    It’s not like Dana couldn’t add more seats, the stadium is bigger.

    It’s all about the bling and most of the tickets went to vips.

    I still think it’s funny how they foster this working class image yet they charge 500 bucks for tickets that sell out in a day.



    I don’t think they have any more control over who buys tickets than any other big event. Do you expect Zuffa to track each order to ensure it’s not a broker? These brokers are slimy fucks who will always find a way to buy tix in bulk.

    In the end, Zuffa’s main function is to make money. They are busy enough expanding their business through marketing & political lobbying. They shouldn’t have to take on fucking ticket brokers as well.

    PS: My boss is going to get a SUITE @ The Rock to watch Shogun/Jones next month. SEE YOU BITCHES FROM THE LUXURY BOX!!!!!!!!


    ^Yuppie-hipster-nazi douche-bag.



    ^^Compliments won’t get you into the suite.



    meh it happens everywhere. the hippie/indie/stoner/jam band dispatch is reuniting about 12 benefit shows this summer and most of them sold out in under 5 minutes (15,000 plus seats). then you search for them around the web and a 30 dollar ticket is being slutted for over 200 some places. it’s a goddamned shame that working stiffs like me get jewed out of going to a fucking benefit concert so some hipster cunt rag who only knows one song (the general) can spend 500 bucks (which ain’t shit to him) to feel smug about “giving back”



    what are the odds that a well-off UFC fight club member travels around the country watching events? they’re pretty slim. paying for a membership to watch one show a year is ridiculous.

    the whole fight club membership thing encourages scalping. if the UFC really gave a shit, they wouldn’t pocket the membership fees, and just make the tickets available to the public on opening day. although I understand scalping is inevitable, so perhaps it is the UFC’s way of collecting an additional fee from them. but at least only make



    WTF? is there a char limit on here?

    cont’d …

    but at least only make



    OH I FOUND A BUG ON THE WEBSITE (the less-than sign)

    but at least only make less-than half of the tickets available on presale.

    i’m sure the UFC are aware of this. has dana ever responded to this before?

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