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i’ve never been banned from

Home Forums Everything else why were you banned from bloody elbow? i’ve never been banned from



i’ve never been banned from BE because i never signed up over there. i just started to slowly fucking hate that site because their writing, and commenters can suck a big bag of dicks.

I’ve been banned from Cbssportsline about 20 times for cussing, being awesome in flame wars and crazy admins who hunted me down personally. true story.

Then I was banned from I forget why, I think it had to do with the reason they offered xbox360 and ps3’s and shit for prizes in contests, but ended up jewing some kids over that won and just gave them a tshirt. I totally told those motherfuckers they were motherfuckers.

pretty sure i was banned from i was a writer for them actually, and I was like, i don’t want to write here anymore. then i made a post that i’ll be writing at mmaopinion…dude didn’t like that.

i’m still trying to get banned here but it’s impossible. i mean when Cunt is used by Ryan in his own posts, then maybe i have to post pictures of my dick all the time…but like, TIto’s dick was totally all up in my face. I don’t know how to get banned anymore!!!