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Shocking that TRT would give


Shocking that TRT would give you a significant edge in training? I thought it was just used to get Chael and Nate out of bed in the morning? Hmm…

TRT should be banned just like steroids – if you can’t fight without TRT than you can’t fight. Lots of people have to leave their jobs for legitimate health reasons and fighters should be no exception. If their health treatment can directly (or indirectly) give them a competitive edge than they can’t fight anymore, sorry.

As for random testing, I think that’s probably not economically practical and not fair to any fighter that likes to smoke some weed between bouts, they deserve to relax. However, any fighter signed to a card should be tested both 6 and 4 weeks out from their match (or immediately if they are a late replacement). That would stop most fighters from cycling off steroids during their camp and if they wanted to do them in the off season, than so be it. At least it would not be a factor during main training camps, and it would also make steroid use risky for any fighter who wanted to be considered as a replacement on upcoming cards.