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Yeah i don’t mind off-topic

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Yeah i don’t mind off-topic discussions, I just prefer ones that aren’t started by lunatics and involve giant irritating walls of text that you occasionally glance at in disgust. so wait, Volds you were a bush supporter? I’m not really understanding that considering you calling obama a war criminal, what was bush then?

do you watch Colbert ? it might make you see things a bit lighter, you’re definitely looking at the world through racist redneck glasses, i’m not sure how you’re going to fix that, maybe move to a different country? It really seems like you don’t have much to live for other than your hatred of Obama. I mean if the world is fucked like you say, maybe you should try to use the remainder of your time not being invaded by half-kenyans to make peace with your world.

but really i’d just prefer if he’d get banned just for being so BORING. so unbelievably BORING. there should be a rule against being a boring troll, I don’t mind being able to say what you want but some of these threads are like poison for the eyes