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bush had consent for both



bush had consent for both iraq and afghanistan. and in both those instances, he attempted to make a case, however convoluted, that our country was under threat. of course that was horseshit, but at least he tried to make that case.

ubama did not get consent, and there obviously was no threat to our country. same situation with clinton and yugoslavia. you were probably just a baby when that happened, but its a very important precedent. why? because its now widely accepted what clinton did was illegal and unconstitutional. twenty years from now it will be widely accepted that what ubama has done is illegal and unconstitutional. but there will always be bootlickers like you who blindly support a tyranical leader, for whatever reason.

you are trying to justify a tyrant sending our sons and daughters to risk their lives in a war that the people do not want, in blatant defiance of the law of the land, through a UN resolution which effectively destroys our sovereignty. that is both disgusting and scary.