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no, thingy, jawsh is right.

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no, thingy, jawsh is right. bush had that power instated after 9/11 and it carried over to the next president. all he has to do is put them on notice, but he can do what he wants without their consent. the big worry when they gave away the need for their consent was that they may never get it back.

now i know that trolls eat forum replies like its dick, but i’m gonna feed you anyways with a response, try not to choke on it:

 All this shit you see wrong with the world. All of these bad people that you think are personally out to get you. All of the shit you think is wrong with the world, that you somehow find time to list and complain about instead of actually doing something about it, despite your full and interesting life. All of this shit is you. You are the problem. The common element in all of your shitty experiences is you Volds (volds = vagina folds). The conspiracy is that you are the cause of all the bullshit that you experience, the universe (us included) conspire to bring you exactly what you are putting out, so maybe if you weren’t so fucking soured you’d have a better time of it. You are projecting every time you point your finger at something as the cause of your misery. If you want to change the world then start with yourself you whiney bitch. I’m not saying there aren’t selfish people that care more about themselves then they do you, but you must understand that they are merely a reflection of you. This whole world is, if you keep acting like a douche then that’s what’s gonna be what’s reflected back to you, hence your douchy world view. These ill informed editorial posts you keep putting up (as if you were a kid needing lots of attention) are a perfect example of you being a douche. I hope you realize that if they were even well stated opinions you’d get less shit for being a dumbass. As it is you seem like a paranoid albino with a male fupa (frontal upper pussy area) and a tinfoil hat, sitting in a single wide trailer that smells like cats. I am happy for you that you have both an opinion and an internet connection, my hope for you is that you also eventually get a clue, to compliment those awesome things.