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That’s so insane! i didn’t

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That’s so insane! i didn’t realise your lgoic was ‘if people insult me they must secretly love reading what I write’. No I post every time because every time it makes me angry that there’s somebody as stupid and annoying as you, ruining what could be a good community. Everything about these forums is being held back by a political troll who posts too much. I post in most threads I see, it’s just a pity you start a lot of them. I’m just waiting for you to start telling me obama is a reptile or wherever you’re going with it. anyway i hope you die etc, i won’t fuel the fire any longer guys i promise.

Wait just one question. Thingvolds is pretty rich right? I mean that would explain pretty much everything. Isn’t THE DEBT CEILING more of a concern? Or like, leaving all those countries you’re invading for no real reason? Oh right but the real problem is the fact that the president isn’t white, because he’s actually going to attempt to fix the rich-white-guy problem america has run itself into the ground with. I’m sorry you’re one of those rich white guys volds but you need to step back for the rest of the worlds turn to eat, there’s a lot more important things than the american government and whether or not its telling the truth 100% of the time, why not post about them? what is your opinion on the debt ceiling? is it a myth invented by obama to pull the wool over your eyes while he leads a team of poor middle eastern workers to take your job and slightly increase your tax rate