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Carcass, I know you weren’t

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Carcass, I know you weren’t talking to me but after I posted I realized I might come across as shitting on boxing, which was not my intent and I simply wanted to make that crystal clear.

I miss boxing. The pool is poisoned for the moment. I truly feel that boxing has to die a slow death to be reborn. 15 years of death to go.

The promoters will finish drying up the money pool. The hard core boxing fans will get older and start to drop dead. The current old school promoters will also start to drop dead (there are good promoters out there but they get crushed by the rest of the jack asses). This will have the same result as a forest fire in a forest invaded by pine trees. The pine trees choke every other vegetation out with their sun blocking berth and their acidic ground poisoning dead needles. The fire destroys the pine tress, burns the litter of high PH needles littering the ground and resets the ecology. The first trees to grow after a fire are shade intolerant pioneer trees and the shade from their canopies provide healthy shelter for new foliage to blossom into a luscious deciduous mixed forest. The coniferous trees eventually grow back and overtake the forest but until they do the forest becomes abundant with an exciting variety of life.

Boxing is about to have that forest fire and I think MMA is the fire that will ravage it. It seems bad but when those life choking pine trees burn to death it will leave room for the new generation to change everything and rebirth boxing. Eventually the sport will spoil again as a new breed of greedy promoter is surely to take over but at least we will have experienced many years of a rejuvenated sport. MMA should learn from this and avoid the cycle all together.

I think I should not post when drinking cause this shit might not make sense in the morning.\