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Leti, my comment was for glassjawsh.

I only got into boxing because I needed to improve my hands for my muay thai, which I got into to round out my BJJ background. So its kinda a tertiary interest for me. Still, my boxing coach was one of Hayes sparring partners for the Valuev fight, I hate the way Klitschko fights and Haye is a Brit so I’m interested in how this one goes.

There is a lot of truly shitty boxing around. Then again, most local mma shows leave a lot to be desired…still, Haye seen determined to try and turn this one into a brawl and that makes it worth a look.

BTW, if any MMA fanboys in here want to see a really good boxing match that they might not have heard of, may I humbly suggest that you watch Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank and see your concept of a “war” get redefined.