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Carcass–>GOOD TO SEE YOU, lurker. Boxing is such a bitter disappointment for me in the last decade that I don’t follow it too much outside of Super Six type events or HBO shows. I wouldn’t use the word “excited” to describe my interest here. More like……best heavyweight fight put on in many years although Haye is barely a contender except for the fact that there isn’t 1 other heavy on the planet not named Klitschko that anyone gives a shit about.

As far as the trashtalk, any Jackal on here could promote himself just as well. You know it doesn’t mean shit. With that said, I set it to DVR (on mid-afternoon in NY) so I’ll watch it for sure. After all, we got a damn UFC to watch this weekend!!

Hit me up on Facebook after you watch it & give me your impression of the fight.