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I rarely hear or see peole

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I rarely hear or see peole talk about Jones skill, only that he is going to have to move to heavyweight because the only possible way he might lose or have a competitive fight is to fight an opponent in a higher weight class.


Jones is the youngest UFC champ in history for a reason, he possess a skill set similar to something out of a lab or build-a-character function in a video game, he has the reach, greco/judo hybrid grappling, athleticism and killer instinct to win most of his fights he is in.


But we have yet to see how his chin holds up to damage, can he fight through pain/injury,how does he bounce back after soundly losing a round, can he adapt to a plan b if his original plan of attack isn’t effective, fight/defend himself off his back, if he can keep up his offense and defense for an entire 5 rounds of fighting. 

Just because we haven’t seen the weaknesses of Jones does not mean he is without flaw. I will acknowledge the skills and respect the technique, but I still reserve the right to have an opinion about the percieved son of Ares and Shiva.