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“the vast majority of



“the vast majority of amurricans could give a FUCK about their government”

while i agree that many americans do not give a fuck due to being lulled to sleep by our government, consumerism, and the msm, most americans do still care. and the number of americans who do care is actually growing, as evidenced by the skyrocketing sales / interest in survival food and gear, guns, ammunition; the growth of political movements such as the tea party, libertarianism, and constitutionalism; and the growth of other movements such as the birther and truther movement.

“No one is on trial for the Usama shooting, thus no requirement of a body”

ok then ill rephrase. in america, you need A DEAD BODY to declare someone deceased. of course there are exceptions, but generally american authorities need a dead body before they can declare someone dead.

“I’ll need a guide to help me distinguish between the Illuminati, the Bildebergs and the Freemasons”

i understand your confusion. most likely it stems from the fact that many members of each group are also members of another one of those groups.