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So much faded glory in this

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So much faded glory in this thread. Guess I willl add my own spiel about my past athletic endeavors.


Growing up with a single parent meant that I had to learn a number of things myself, I taught myself how to ride a bike ffs. As far as sports were concerned my mom did go out of her way to get me into sports and she was responsive and took me out of sports I didn’t care for. From pee wee baseball to tennis I would give an honest to goodness try but my heart wasn’t in it. Then thanks to the church we attened my mom got in contact with a church goer whose husband taught some self defense classes which turned out to be Tae Kwon Do.

Enter Mr. Bello or Sensei Bello, taught me the basics and got both me and my older sister up to green belts in a short time. Our first classes took place in the expanded store room area of the church. When he finally got his own dojo we didn’t stick around beacuse his new location bumped the dues too high for my moms blood. Being such a TMNT and Bloodsport fan I really wanted to continue kicking like an idiot, so my mom found us another dojo right down the street from the house and me and my sis studied yell kicking under Mr. Armstrong. To this day I still remember my left side kick lesson. 

When I asked which leg was my left (i was 6 or 7 years old) he reached down and pinch twisted my left leg and told me “The leg thats stinging”. We stayed with this guy for a couple years and even traveled to St. Croix (forgot to mention all this went down in St. Thomas U.S.V.I) for our first tournament which was fun as shit. My sister won the womens tourney axe kicking bitches in the head and clavical left and right. I took the silver after I got disqualified in the final because I landed a closed fist strike to my opponents face (actually knocked a tooth out, kid even had a mouthguard), good times.

Unfortunately Mr. Armstrong also got an even bigger dojo across the island and that was the end of my traditional martial arts life. I never really tried out for sports when we got back into the states because I just didn’t want toget into a new sport just to have to quit because I would always have a transportation problem.

After I get nationally certified later this year and i get a raise I may check out one of the new mma gyms around columbus, but for now I will continue to live vicariously through human cockfighting and weigh myself daily hoping that I willl magically lose weight.

I won’t force my son into any sports, but if he does show promise or talent I may have to lean on him a bit. Frick I think your boss can get away with what he is doing now because the kid is young, if you boss can keep this kid interested in tennis through his teenage years more power too him.