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My step-sister is training

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My step-sister is training for the Olympic track team. She just graduated from Notre Dame on a full scholarship. The olympic track coach also coaches there so that should help. That will be quite an accomplishment if she pulls it off. Her mom held all the track records at school where I grew up. They didn’t really push her, she just followed her moms path in her chosen sport.

Kids like to do what they see. My boy was rolling on my skateboard long before he could walk or do much of anything else. He seems to like it and I’m super stoked he’s into it. Not forced, he just gravitated to it because that’s what he saw.

I played all traditional sports growing up until I was a sophomore in high school. At that point I made a choice to just skateboard because I had way more fun doing that over baseball, basketball etc.

I took great joy in mopping the floor with the jocks in my gym class. I was the thrasher kid making them look stupid! My options for making a career out of skating meant moving out west and going for it but I wasn’t that adventurous.

I do have one thought that has been in my head since settling for adulthood. I was a left handed pitcher and pretty damn good for my age at the time and just wonder how far I could have taken it. There are a lot of shitty left handed pitchers out there making millions. I was with my dad one time way back and we stopped at the bar so he could see some pals and have a drink. I overheard him say in some disgust, “I thought I’d be building a batting cage not a skateboard ramp”. How’s that for support! He wasn’t around much anyway.