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Ryan–>Have you read Agassi’s

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Ryan–>Have you read Agassi’s book (the last one?)? He hated his dad (who pushed him hard for tennis). My boss says Agassi is a liar. I tell my boss….”Can I get you anything else, sir?” Maybe that’s why I made more last year than Jawsh has in his life (sorry, Volds moment there!!).

Agent–>I think that’s the point!! Your kid loves s’thing b/c you love it. My younger kid loves volleyball & Muay Thai b/c I love it. My eyes light up when she throws kicks or peppers (volleyball) w/me. The kids see that & react accordingly. His son started @ 3 I think. Did he love tennis?? Who knows. But he loved spending time w/his dad (who is a rich guy that mostly lets the nannies raise his kids). The boss tells me his kid loves it b/c they spend time every morning (1 on 1’s w/the coaches & dad is there). Plus, he goes into fucking school late b/c of practice. He claims his son enjoys it & if he ever wants to stop, he’ll let him. I think if he invests so much time & money, only to have his son **try** to quit, he’ll freak. He disagrees.

Jawsh–>the worst part about my wife is that she makes me watch all the meets & sits there shitting on some of the top guys (who she claims ALL USE PEDs) or complaining about slow times. I’m like “Unless you’re going to compete, please STFU, you cunt & get in the kitchen!!”