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Honestly other than getting

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Honestly other than getting to see many many many naked chicks and getting a few of em to give me a few curiosity tugs I wish I had gone the hockey way.

To this day I have never been able to skate very well with hockey skates (its completely different from figure skates). It would be like saying because you can fly a plane you can fly a helicopter. Ive sat on the sidelines almost my entire life when it comes to my friends playing hockey. The only thing I am able to do is play goalie.

When we are that young we don’t have the choice. I think it is fine for a parent to push young BUT as long as they are prepared to accept the possibility that when the kid reaches adolescence it might not be what he/she wants to do anymore whether he/she understands what is at stake or not.

It only becomes wrong if it is the parent living their childhood fantasy or fixing their childhood regrets through their own kid.