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^ so…many…wife….jokes….

anyway, when i was in high school i was pretty great at running track too (lettered every year i actually gave a shit, went to state in the 4 x 800 and 4 x 400 twice each) no where near the WORLD CLASS of your wife but still enough to think i was hot shit when i was 17.

anyway this is relevant because my dad was an absolute MONSTER in the sport when he was in high school in the late 60’s (state titles in the pole vault and 4 x 100, two team titles, got second in the 1600 his junior year to the guy who set the national record) so much so that his picture is still on the wall of my school’s fieldhouse (Even though the high school he went to in the same town doesn’t even exist anymore) it’s a damned shame he never got to run in college on account of the whole killing gooks thing he had to do in vietnam after he graduated (actually he never went overseas when he was in the service but it’s funnier that way)

i showed interest in running when i was very small and my dad couldn’t have been better about it. he bought me all the shoes and attire i ever asked for but never pushed to do anything i didn’t want to do. when at 16 i was given the choice between spending the summer at run camp in the UP or smoking pot in my garage attic and listening to phish I chose the latter and he was ok with that. basically i did the bare minimum and got away with being decently talented.

now i can’t say that being allowed to be a slacker when i easily could have been pushed to be great was good for the other parts of my life (I’ve been in college for almost 10 years and have still never had a job where ive made more than 11 dollars an hour) BUT i can say that had i been forced to run instead of allowed to do it because i actually liked it that being the young dumbass that i was I likely would have rebelled against it and wouldn’t be as fitness obsessed as i am today.

I still run and bike almost daily and that easily could have been ruined by an over bearing father

so yeah….push your kids = having to deal with a fatty