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Hey Johnny Weir…..I mean

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Hey Johnny Weir…..I mean Leti–>since you are the only one that seems to have any insight, please go a bit further into your competition life. Looking back, do you think it was a good choice by your parents? If you had what it took to get an Olympic medal, do you regret quitting? Knowing how far you got, will you push your kids in the same way to achieve their own potential?

Personally, I find it illogical to arbitrarily pick a sport for your kid & force them to wrap their entire lives around it w/o knowing what they’ll really want down the road or more importantly….what they’re best suited for genetically.

I won’t push my kids til I think they’re mature enough to handle it. My wife was a WORLD CLASS runner in high school & college. Full ride to BU for track & a rare “white girl” for her event. But she got bad shin splints. Her coach kept pushing & the pain was unbearable…….SO SHE QUIT TRACK FOREVER. I give her shit about it every so often b/c I never even got the chance but she fucking walked away. I still compete. She doesn’t. Blows my mind.

if we get this pic-a-nic, I’ll hafta sneak the NY area Jackals in!! (we’re based in Nassau, LI)