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It’s interesting. I’ve talked

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It’s interesting. I’ve talked to my boss about his kid @ length. On the 1 hand, I think private lessons 6 days a week w/the best coaches money can buy might burn you out & damage you forever. On the other hand, my boss wants his kid to be #1 in the world & fully admits that having essentially unlimited money to do that is the only way it works in tennis.

Let’s get some honest answers here…..& maybe this could be it’s own thread. How many of you would liked to have pursued a sport for a career? If so, who had a parent this “supportive” time-wise as well as financially? If this kid is good enough, my boss already told me he’ll probably send him (or move) to Florida to go to one of those world-famous tennis academies. Wouldn’t all of us have wanted the same opportunities when we were younger??

As an adult, I realize I’m an above average athlete. With all the coaching in the world, I would not be elite. Therefore, I’m quite content being a very good local beach volleyball player who has a good job, a house & financial security. But if you asked me at 15 what I wanted, of course I would have said “pro athlete”. We’re all raised to desire Jordan/Lebron type of lifestyle. Nobody dreams of being an office worker bee when they’re a kid.