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“Since Clay went to New



“Since Clay went to New Mexico he has finished 3 of his last 4 opponents”

That’s entirely about the quality of those opponents, not Jackson’s training/gameplanning.  Shannon Gugerty, Rafael dos Anjos, and Takanori Gomi… only one of those guys was ever good, and even that was years ago now.  The last guy Guida finished before that was Samy Schiavo back in 2008, and the last one before that was somebody called Justin James in 2006… both of whom have only fought once since.

Whenever he faces anyone as good as even Nate Diaz or Mac Danzig, he becomes a decision machine.  He did the same thing to those two as he did to Pettis.  And Greg Jackson said Guida followed the gameplan for Pettis perfectly, so that tells you all you need to know about that.