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Made: Baby sister getting married today! It is gonna be a very strange dynamic. Her husband to be is Chinese and his side of the family is going to mingle with our French Canadian side of the family. Awkward dancing moments will be captured by my camera (if it still works, the dust from filming the 4wheeling may have jammed it). She is the first sibling to get married (my brother getting married to my ex Mexican fiancee behind my parents back and not telling them for a year doesn’t count cause there was no wedding for my parents to attend).

Made: Free booze! I’m not cooking! I’m not driving! Reception on a boat!

Made: I get to babysit my sisters 2 cats (including YODA, pics to come) and her rabbit. The rabbit is litter trained like a cat. It was raised by cats and acts like one. Trippy shit.

Ruined: My would be date is working and she can’t come cause the wedding is at 4pm on a Monday. I still don’t get that.

UPDATE: I had a few minutes to kill waiting for the groom to get here. I present YODA:

He has to wear clothes in sunlight and in winter. I made him a shirt a few years back that says “my parents went to Chernobyl and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt”. I will have to update that to Fukushima.