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@Mr. Jonez: “And why is that,

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@Mr. Jonez: “And why is that, conversations like this are the double edged sword to mma fans not being traditional sports fans at time, so many think being exciting is way more important than winning and being difficult to defeat.”

Yeah, that is tricky. Being exciting and fun to watch can keep you in the UFC, but it may not be the best thing if you’re trying to put a run together to start looking for a title shot.

I don’t have a problem with a guy using [Insert Grapping Skill Of Choice Here] to maintain a dominant position. If I’m a professional mixed martial artist, it’s on me to have grappling in my tool bag. My problem with Guida is this: If Guida had ridden Pettis around the ring and spent the whole fight putting the P in GnP, I’d be all over Guida’s nuts right now, but he just didn’t do much of anything.

I’ll go back to the CompuStrike thing I posted above:
Guida ATTEMPTED 89 strikes in the fight (and almost 10 minutes of that was on the ground).
Maldonado LANDED 91 strikes.

That wasn’t trying to win. That was holding on.

@Leti: “He doesn’t suck.”
Yeah, I can agree with that. Back in my original post I called him a gatekeeper. I’ll back off on the hate a little and rewind to that.

I hate watching him fight.
He’s okay at best.
But it’s not possible to suck AND be a gatekeeper.