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So beating Matt Hughes in



So beating Matt Hughes in 2004 was an “important fight”, but it wasn’t in 2010?  Sure Hughes wasn’t the champ in 2010, and isn’t what he once was in general, but beating him is still a solid win for anyone.

And like Blackula said, BJ came the closest to beating Jon Fitch that anyone not named GSP has done in almost 10 years.  Sure he didn’t win, but it still means something when a natural lightweight can take the #2 fighter and #1 power-blanket in the welterweight division to a draw.

I agree that the fanboy-ism that BJ basks in is a bit much, but come on… there’s no denying how good the guy is.  If he wasn’t too goddamn lazy and selfish to train like others train these days, he might still be a champ.