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And yeah, I can’t bring


And yeah, I can’t bring myself to read shit like this.

B.J. Penn deserves to have the fallacy named after him because he is widely thought of as a top welterweight contender despite not having won an important fight in that division since January of 2004, and thought of by many as the uncrowned lightweight champion even though he was thrashed twice by Frankie Edgar, his obvious better, last year. No amount of evidence that Penn is not actually a great fighter will ever convince some large part of the public that he isn’t one, because he looks like one, has the physical skills of one, and occasionally does things that a great fighter might do, such as lick an opponent’s blood off his gloves.

Same with Snowden, I can’t finish an article that is clearly designed to get a rise out of me. Shit on Subo all you like but the man actually goes out of his way to make sure his opinions stand on some facts or logic.


This guy is shitting on BJ Penn as if he never won and defended the lightweight strap with a reign of violence that saw high level 155’ersget  batterd, bloodied and mentally broken. Penns destruction of Joe Stevenson stands as a beating so savage that it was phased in and then out of his highlight reel due to the fact that in fragments one could mistake the fight as a murder. And if you can’t appreciate the fact that he smashed Hughes 2 out of 3 times and went to a draw with a top 3 welterweight in Jon Fitch.


You know what, I’ve wasted enough time on this douche and his articles, fuck him and his unreadable rabble rousing articles.