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When I watch a live MMA fight



When I watch a live MMA fight I usually start by having questions in my head and let the fight provide the answer. Some fights present more than one question. Some fights leave questions unanswered. Some fights generate questions when they are done.

When I watch a Clay Guida fight, the one question that always comes to my mind is: “does this guy have what it takes to get past Guida?”. I think of Guida as a gatekeeper. if a fighter fails to beat Clay, I think of the other fighter not being good enough to be at the top and not that Guida is king shit. If the other fighter beats Guida, I think the other fighter is one shot away from a title shot and not that Guida sucks.

Fighters evolve and get better, then they plateau, fight at their prime and then they go down. Fast.

Guida in my humble and irrelevant opinion has plateaued. This is as good as it gets for him and we can look forward to more of then same then worse. His big ole bag of tricks is limited by his body type (Sherk esque like t-rex reach).

Speaking of Sean Sherk, what is he up to? A Sherk VS Guida fight would totaly be cool to know who the official LW gatekeeper to the last gatekeeper is.