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agent smith nailed it, he is


agent smith nailed it, he is an elite gatekeeper and as far as his record is concerned he people need to also factor in that guida is fighting at lightweight a division with not only a huge number of international talent but very good fighters overall


The number of big name scalps you need to collect to get into the top 10 at lightweight is infinetly harder than what it takes to become a top 10 heavyweight or middleweight.

Boring or not (even though this is his first UD win in 4 fights) he is doing the most important thing in sports: he is winning. What is more important at the end of the day for a professional athelete?

Gurgel is rarely in boring fights but we don’t really talk about him or how relavant to the title picture now do we. And why is that, conversations like this are the double edged sword to mma fans not being traditional sports fans at time, so many think being exciting is way more important than winning and being difficult to defeat.