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He’s lost to the top guys he



He’s lost to the top guys he fought (Kenny, Diego & Gil)…..what more can you say? He beats anybody else not in top 5. End of story. If you don’t like his fights, don’t buy his Fathead.

Most Jackals shit on KenFlo. I love the guy. He’s not great @ any 1 thing except hard work & trying to be a student of the sport. He can’t beat the top top guys either (or actually hurt Lauzon from full fucking mount). His career is quite similar to Clay.

For the record, I’m not @ all a snob & don’t particularly care for Clay’s style. But if his opponents can’t neutralize him, that’s on their camp to figure out. If the UFC doesn’t how well he sells, they won’t put him on the main card.

I absolutely fucking hated the PeeWee / Einemo fight yet it got FOTN. Opinion is a motherfucker.