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@Frick: Couture was the guy



@Frick: Couture was the guy that immediately came to mind. But look at who he fought. He was constantly fighting top-notch guys.

From 2008 on, Guida’s beaten, in order: a guy who lost his last two and hasn’t fought in three years (Schiavo), a guy who is 3-4 since 2008 (Danzig), a guy who is 3-5 in his last eight (Diaz), a guy who was 2-3 in the UFC (Gugerty), a guy who is 3-3 in the UFC (dos Anjos), and a guy who is 3-4 in his last seven (Gomi).

The problem I have with people thinking Guida is good is that he’s not beating anybody worth a damn, except for Anthony “Wolfslair” Pettis.

I actually like a guy who can wrestle. I appreciate the ability to smother an opponent’s offense, but I fucking hate it when the guy JUST smothers his opponent.

From CompuStrike:
-In the Pettis fight, Guida ATTEMPTED a total of 89 strikes during the entire fight and attempted ZERO submissions in 9 minutes and 52 seconds of ground time.
-Fabio Maldonado LANDED 91 strikes and had one submission attempt (in 2:39 of ground time).