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Morghen–>while I appreciate



Morghen–>while I appreciate your sentiment, your logic is a complete fucking fail.

Every fighter specializes in 1 or 2 things. Clay’s skillset may be limited to rasslin & sick cardio, but he is phenominal @ those things. Most fighters records can be dissected in the same way. And when guys like Couture only have tough fights, their records tend to suck.

Forget arbitrary rankings. Guys string wins together. Eventually they either “deserve” a shot or are just good marketing. The UFC is a business 1st & a sport 2nd.

Fight fans also have short memories. So it’s mostly true that you’re only as good as your last fight. If he looked great & didn’t play it safe in the Pettis fight, you wouldn’t feel the same (I’m speculating). I’m not a huge Guida fan but the guy is a legit fighter. He’s better than most guys @ 155 on the planet. As much as any fighter wants to finish, they also need to win. People have real lives & bills to pay. They’re not ONLY there for our entertainment. Give him a modicum of respect.