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Dimethylamphetamine is an

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Dimethylamphetamine is an active byproduct of methamphetamine manufacturing (learned this watching Breaking Bad and Intervention which I watch to feel better about myself). It also has 3,3 diodo thyronine and 3,5 diodo thyronine which are hormone (T3 and T4) metabolites and are considered thyroid analogues/metabolites. Thank Chael Sonnen, NSAC and CSAC for forcing me to learn all this shit and these terms to better be prepared for the next drug, SNAFU. I also looked into this stuff when I wanted to get back into shape after my accident. A friend of mine walked me through the pros and cons of it. In my case the cons were worse than the pros. NOT SAYING  this stuff is bad, just saying dont over do it and never stop taking it EVA or you might end up looking like Ryan.

Don’t worry about it too much, worse that will happen is when you stop taking the stuff your voice will sound like what I imagine volds sounds like and your dick might fall off but it wont show cause that region will be camouflaged by the overhanging gut that will form when your body bloats up as your thyroid tries to recalibrate itself.