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“helicopters crash all the

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“helicopters crash all the fucking time… they are a mechanical marvel but like all things mechanical they fail. 8 crash per 10k hrs of flying.. which is more than planes. and they cant really glide down… autorotate yes but thats hard to do when you lose the air under the blades.”

they told us it clipped a wall and crashed, they told us it had mechanical failure and crashed then they blew it up. witnesses are now saying it crashed and the people inside died. since theyre using this raid for propaganda to drive up enlistments, the transparent obama administration should tell us what the fate of whoever was in that chopper is.

“minute by minute could me they were watching it via satallite.. you know like enemy of the state”

what they ‘could mean’ shouldnt be an issue. they said they watched via helmet cam feed. then they said that feed dropped for all the action. if they watched a satelite view of it, the transparent obama administration shouldve said that. or not said anything

“I wouldnt care if the guy had a fucking teddy bear and a blanky in his hands… shoot his ass.”

yes that makes perfect sense. kill the single most valuable source of intel in the entire world before you have a chance to as much as ask him his name. weve spent two decades and billions of dollars trying to figure out what this guy knows. we finally find him and shoot him on the spot. smart.

“kill or capture… whats easier? Plus who wants this guy around being a dick?”

whats easier? i didnt realize the job of seal team six was supposed to be easy. if it was, we could save a fuckload of money and just send some boyscouts in instead. who wants him around? me, for one. if he is who they say he is, i want him around until we can get every possible shred of intel out of him before he is tried and executed.

“thing and golden are just those people wthat need a boogie man to be complete people. Some chose God they chose men in black suits”

youre just that person who needs a politician or newscaster to tell them what to believe to be a complete person.