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I have volds taking care of the Osama Bin Laden hoax. He’s investigating the fact that Muslim religion calls for burial with the head pointed toward Mecca, not burial at sea. The fact that Osama died years and years ago from Marfans disease. The fact that Osama’s family was given numerous military contracts for taking on the supposed role of the bad guy. Why the official story has changed over 20 times. Why Navy Seals were dispatched to the waterless desert. Why Pakistani eye witnesses say one helicopter dropped off solider and then blew over and caught fire, no one survived. Among other things. He has his hands full.

There was more proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq than there is of the OBL hoax. BTW- the reason we invaded Iraq was because they (and Iran) didn’t sign the OPEC agreement where Arab nations agreed to buy our debt after we bought their oil. Henry Kissinger and the UN (Bilderberger group) are going to set up the Arabs’ Their T-Bonds will be worthless after our dollar dies. We will open our oil reseves in Alaska, the Rocky Mtn and the Gulf. Oil will be $200 a barrel and everything you pay for will be hyper inflated