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Pictures of Diverticulitis

Today I am going to post some pictures of diverticulitis. While you may have heard about the disorder, how to treat diverticulitis and how to create a diverticulitis diet, you may not have seen actual pictures. Enjoy!

Diverticulitis Picture 1
In this picture you can see the colon wall. Those holes lead to the little pouches that form, called diverticula.

Diverticulitis Picture 2

This diagram shows the colon in relation to your abdominal area. You can see the the pouches protruding off the colon.

Diverticulitis Picture 3

Here you can see an image where the diverticula is infected. This happens when material waste is lodged into the pouch ans than becomes infected and inflammed. This can be severely consequential and the patient should seek diverticulitis treatment.

Diverticulitis Picture 4

Here is another nasty infection in the colon. When your body is fighting the infection, your white blood cells drop. This can be a telling symptom of diverticulitis.