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since my “ubama beating war drums for pakistan escalation, scary” thread seems to have been frozen, ill post this here

ron paul on msnbc this morning, stating he believes the us will try to occupy pakistan soon




good to know ron paul reads my fightlinker threads

“i think that’s the next occupation, and i fear it. i think it’s ridiculous, and i think our foreign policy is such we don’t need to be doing this. so when i talk about doing it differently, i talk about in the context of our foreign policy and not in the fact of whether or not we should have gotten him. as a matter of fact, i voted for the first authority. i think what’s the real tragedy is that we didn’t get him ten years ago when we could have should have. but we now have spent $1 trillion. we’ve lost 5,000 people, our soldiers, in fighting two wars that had nothing to do with bin laden. and to me, we have to reassess the foreign policy just like we have to reassess our economic policies here.

>> congressman, it’s willie geist. i just want to follow up on something you said a minute ago, that you suspect pakistan will be the place the united states occupies next. do you have information on that? that implies some sort of invasion? why do you say that?

>> no. just because i look at what has happened in the past 30 or 40 years of all the unintended consequences and what we have done and how we i hope i’m absolutely wrong — but i’m afraid we will be in pakistan trying to occupy that country, and it will probably be very unsuccessful.