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“The Taliban sheltered bin

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“The Taliban sheltered bin Laden after 9/11, claiming that Islamic customs would not allow them to expel a guest. Lie?”

yes, basically. a plan to invade afghanistan was made in the 90s under clinton, long before 9/11. the us was already conducting missle strikes against the taliban in the late 90s. stopping resistance to the trans-afghanistan pipeline through possible “regime change” was at the top of bush’s to do list going into his first term. 9/11 allowed him to do that and much more under the guise of fighting terrorism.

“And I actually don’t ever think they said Saddam supported the Taliban.”

they repeatedly tried to connect saddam with al qaeda and the taliban. the evidence never surfaced, but they managed to shift public sentiment in their favor just by making statements that the connection existed. bush, cheney and condi are all on record trying to connect saddam to al qaeda and or the taliban. surely you remember the claim that saddam was seen in prague meeting with a senior al qaeda official? that bit of bogus info was enough to get the flag waving sheeple all in a tizzy. also the main reason they told us to worry about saddams alleged WMD program was the possibility he would supply “the terrorists” with weapons such as a dirty bomb.