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Pakistan has nukes. All aimed



Pakistan has nukes. All aimed at India.  India has nukes too and would take out Pakistan with your boys in there. China would see our forces thinned out and would use that very moment to retake Taiwan. Russia will give its blessings. Canada and Australia would not touch the Taiwan situation with a 10 foot pole (with a navy composed of peace ships that are as useful as rubber duckies against China) and UK would be too nervous and would withdraw its support in the UN for Taiwan as an independent nation. With Taiwan in China control, China would finally surpass USA as the worlds #1 financial powerhouse (currently forecasted to happen in late 2016).

At this point the UN is freaking out but is too slow to do anything and with countries with veto power involved all they can do is hold their dicks and piss into the wind. With China busy, USA busy, UK shitting bricks, North Korea is going to start spazzing out again at the lack of attention and start making waves. Russia will try to intervene but will decide to leave it to the USA. Russia will instead concentrate on finalising the sale of its run down nuclear equipment to Iran like they have been trying to do for years. North Korea with stir too much shit with South and because the South will realize all its strong friends are knee deep in shit they will escalate into full self defence which for the south is an impending offensive on the North. Thankfully the North’s nukes will fuck up disastrously and half of the Koreas will survive. Phoenix stops posting, we forget about him and have a “whatever happened to” moment around summer 2013.

In the meantime Iran will receive the equipment it needs to complete its first centrifuge and start being able to manufacture its basic feeder stock of uranium hexafluoride. That will take a few months but once it has a reliable process going it could pump out of its centrifuges enough H.E. U-235 to have a few bombs made a week if it wanted to. Israel with throw up a stinky fit and it too will take pre emptive action on Iran except that Iran will be strong enough to protect itself from total annihilation.  It will then launch its shitty but effective half tested Shahab 3 against Israel which will be intercepted. As we saw in the first gulf war, even shitty missiles can get through. The Israeli government will launch its own missile strikes. The newly allianced Hamas and Fatah wings of Palestine will decide to use this moment to create an insurgence because Israel having its attention and alertness on Iran. The Palestinians will serve as a detrimental distraction for Israel which will lead to a bloody crackdown that goes against every rule in the Geneva Convention (not that they ever gave a shit). Hezbollah of Lebanon will come to the aid of their Arab brothers which will force Israel to lean into Syria with violent force to cut off their supplies. The newly hard core Egyptian Muslim government will step up and turn its back on Israel and the shit will finally hit the fan.

It is at this point that a) aliens will attack because of global weakness or b) the beginning of natural order will begin to return after we humans are reduced to 6% of our current population.

Pakistan is your only foot in the ground for so many opperations in the area.

USA will never touch Pakistan, stop trolling.