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I’m born & raised in


I’m born & raised in Brooklyn

Ahh, so my hipster comment stands.  Doubly-so if you’ve moved to Jersey to play volleyball.  In fucking rash-guards.

(note baggy pants & skullcaps from 15 yrs ago which trickled to black culture…..then skinny jeans trickled in…..I stopped paying attention to young people nowaways b/c I’m old.)

I always saw it as wide/straight legs were for skaters, but I remember baggy jeans like Kani’s and cross colors were around before that.  Different cuts to the leg, but I still agree with the rest.  They never fully synergized and then shit went crazy with 44″ legs for street skaters.  What the fuck were we thinking?  But I doubt you were in on that as that was more fer skates than boarders.  Hella right on the skinny legs tho.  I blame Lupe Fiasco.

Anyone actually remember crosscolors?  Don’t bother, they were the gay.