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Leti–>funny thing is that I



Leti–>funny thing is that I used to own a Maroon rusted out Supra (1st car I owned, compliments of my uncle).

Cap–>I don’t rock skater shoes. They’re hi-top joints & not @ all cut for skating. Supra may have started as a skate co but if you check sites like, you’ll see they’re more of an urban lifestyle type of company.

G–>Fuck you.

DJ–>I’m born & raised in Brooklyn (Brookdale Hospital, son). Grew up in Sheepshead Bay Science Projects til I was 18.

PS: I have always maintained that skate culture are trendsetters. Whatever they’re doing today will be copied by black culture in 5 years (note baggy pants & skullcaps from 15 yrs ago which trickled to black culture…..then skinny jeans trickled in…..I stopped paying attention to young people nowaways b/c I’m old.)