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“Obama Ubama is full of



“Obama Ubama is full of stupid, ignorant, hate-filled, bigoted intent.”

ignorant? lol. ive forgotten more about politics than youll probably ever learn. youre a twenty something year old college student who thinks he has it all figured out already. and again, i dont see how anything i wrote is bigoted.

“Obama loves this country and wants to see it succeed.”

riiight. as opposed to guys like regan, bush, clinton and jr, who together bankrupted our country and earned the hate of the world while doing it. but obama is different. the way you look at obama as some savior is fucking scary man.

“Go back to jerking off to Rush clips.”

another example of your hardcore partisan shilling. i dont trust obama, so i must be a conservative who listens to rush limbaugh. but the truth is i think rush is a hypocritical hack shill, who has done more to help divide and conquer than almost anyone in the usa.