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1.  Cerrone used to suck at

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1.  Cerrone used to suck at wrestling – witness the first Varner fight.  He worked on it – witness the second Varner fight.  The Diaz bros would rather bitch and whine about wrestlers than make an effort to fix the gaping hole in their game.

2.  Mir’s a jerkface.  There are jerkface atheists, and he’s one of them.  We’d probably agree a lot on politics and religion, and then I’d die because I’d say something disparaging about Miguel Torres.

3.  Are there pro-union owners out there?  Every single labor force ever that’s unionized has had to struggle against ownership for equitable treatment, and fighters will be no different.  I haven’t heard of anyone losing their job for trying to organize – probably because no one’s ever tried (no, Randy trying to break his contract doesn’t count.)  Zuffa will have to be forced to deal with a union, just like every other group of owners.