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so what do we have here? no

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so what do we have here?

no body. no video, no photos. nothing but the word of politicians and our military to go by.

should we be satisfied with their word? they told us there were wmd’s in iraq. they told us pat tilman was killed in the line of devastating enemy fire. they told us mission accomplished. they lied about civilian deaths in iraq. they lied about drone attacks in pakistan. they lied about the patriot act not being used to infringe on our rights. they told us i did not have sex with that woman.

why would obama not release this evidence? in order to somehow not upset radical muslims?

so, suddenly now were worried about the feelings of radical muslims? weve been murdering muslims for sport in afghanistan (bravo company). those pics are available in rolling stone magazine or with a google search. we killed saddams sons, those pics were made available. the abu ghraib pics are everywhere.

or is obama holding on to a trump card here, that he will play when the time is right? will the “proof” of osamas death leak out at an opportune time before the election?