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assuming osama bin laden

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assuming osama bin laden really is who the government has said he is, and was actually still alive

if ever an enemy needed to be taken alive, its him. imagine the information that could be extracted from him. our government has supossedly connected him to most major terrorist networks in the world. with the info extracted from a captured osl, we would theoretically be able to cripple world wide terrorism. we would win the “war on terror”

yet the seals were given orders to kill him. they entered the compound using helicopters, fast roped and breached the building. they located osl inside, killing him in an exchange of gunfire? wtf?

its absurd to believe this horseshit. its so absurd, i have a feeling we will soon be told that the reports of osl being buried at sea are false, and that they actually performed an independent autopsy confirming his death. this too will be a lie, albeit a much more palatable one.